Who Is TransitRe

TransitRe is a member owned reinsurance captive incorporated in 2004 offering property and casualty reinsurance specialized for public transit.

RELIABLE source of liability and property reinsurance support for public transit pools and other public transit agencies

STABILITY in coverage and rates during hard and soft markets.

EQUITABLE rate-making based upon actuarially driven loss and exposure factors.

SOPHISTICATED Licensing and regulatory support from the State of Vermont, the largest captive domicile in the United States.

A-Rated or greater Reinsurers.

FLEXIBLE attachment points, generally, excess of $250,000 per occurrence.

COVERAGE DOCUMENTS are accepted from each member with flexible terms and conditions of coverage designed to follow form for each member.

MEMBER OWNED /member controlled.  All captive surplus and investment income insures to the benefit of the TransitRE membership.

REPRESENTATION on the TransitRE Board of Directors for all qualified participants. 

159 Bank Street, Fourth Floor, Burlington, VT 05401

Phone:  (330) 334-6877     Fax:  (330) 336-7130

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